Remote Healing Sessions

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Remote Healing sessions, Soul Healing & Long Distance Healing are hard to understand and or even believe for most people.  I can only give you my own life experience to help you understand how this type of healing works.

The long distance/remote healings are initiated by the healer or client, who first calls and or uses Skype to make contact.  A brief conversation about the dis-ease and or an issue is discussed.  The client is then requested to lie in a comfortable position, usually on a bed or a comfortable chair.  The healer prepares himself through strong intention, concentration and internally connecting to the client. Lastly, the healer then continues their work on a healing table as if the client is present in the room.  The client is requested to put an alarm clock approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes into the future, allowing enough time for the healer to complete the healing and the client having sufficient time to rest and integrate the healing.

Firstly, there is science behind this methodology otherwise it would not work.  I cannot tell you whether it is related to something similar to cellular phone technology and or something related to remote control for your television.  In any case, keep in mind that we are conscious energy spirits with our own individual soul incarnated into a human body that is capable of knowing itself and how our world and the universe works. WE are conscious and alive..., being able to think and dwell about our past, know we are in our present and dream about our future. To put humans in a box of science is impossible.

Remote/Distant Healing is taught at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.  This particular method is taught in year 4. My first experience was when I received a remote healing when I was in year 3 from a year 4 student (as a practice client). I felt the healing 1200 miles away. Still unsure, I requested another long distant healing from another student in another state and the effects were just as powerful. 

So when I became a 4th year student, I had 4 to 5 practice clients while I lived in Port Orange, Florida. 2 clients were located in Florida and 2 were located out of state.  Each one of them received multiple healings over a period of 3 to 4 months and all of them had the same reaction and results.  I even completed 1 healing to a client in India - which was just as powerful as any healing I had completed in person.  Keep in mind that every client had different issues, some more severe then others.  But ultimately, all of the healings created productive results. 

Though it may be hard to believe..., it was my own personal experience of producing results that now leads me to believe that EVERYONE and EVERYTHING in the universe is interconnected on a level none of us can imagine.  Science is only now touching upon this concept, but are only relating it to inanimate objects. This concept is not new, it has been around for thousands of years in other cultures.