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Personal Healing Stories (Soul Healing)

To permanently eradicate and or slow down the dis-ease, there needs to be a grander approach..., a deeper approach that includes spirituality which is nothing more then self awareness.

It is really important to work with a Spiritual Healer along side with your health/medical professional.  He or she can help you understand and realize your feelings, thought processes and how your body ultimately reacts that creates pain and dis-ease.

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Sundeep's Personal Stories

I have had many "so called" miracles happen with my clients that I believe one of the reasons we are here is to heal ourselves and others. I do not like the word miracle, but the truth is that all miracles have a deep scientific reason which most of us do not understand - it transcendence logic.  All of this body healing techniques are available to everyone, the only thing you have to do is to be open to being truthful and honest with yourself - believing is not necessary, but it helps in achieving anything fruitful in life.

My first experience of healing came when I was 12 years old lying in bed one afternoon with a fever. I came out of my room to ask for medicine and or comfort and was scolded by my mother who was tired and overworked. I left the house upset and extremely angry... I felt betrayed! I began raking leaves for the next 4 hours in the mom & pop motel I grew up in. At that point, I promised myself that I would never get sick again. Hence for a long, long time, I never became sick. I could kiss a girl who was sick, but would not contract a virus. Twice during college I started to feel the flu like symptoms and was able to talk out the illness within a minute and I completely eradicate the sickness from materializing. So I have come to believe that viruses and bacteria do not get me sick, it is my state of mind. I have gotten sick since then, but every time, I internally search for the real reason that causes the illness - it is always emotional and or my mental state. It is not the germ or virus - I concluded that viruses are only symptoms. The fever and runny nose itself is a byproduct of the symptom. I learned this through great self-awareness, practice and taking full responsibility for my illness.

I had numerous other experiences throughout the years including curing an extremely painful set of ankles and feet, but within a 1 hour sleep meditation I completely got rid of the pain which would have otherwise lasted days. 

One of my most profound healing experiences came when I had something similar to a cyst inside of one of my eyelids. It was growing by the day to the point of having to go to the doctors (which I would normally avoid at all cost). My doctor had told me that the only way to get rid of the cyst was with a surgery. In the meanwhile, I started implementing a breathing technique I had learned that included bringing in white healing light to specific areas that needed care in my body. So somewhere between 25 to 35 days after the initial doctor's visit, the eye cyst totally went away. Regardless of how the cyst went away, my body healed itself and I would have never received this advice from a health care professional.

My other experience that I would like to share is a bit strange as to how I fixed myself, but it is a story worth telling because healing comes from many, many different angles. There is no such thing as "Coincidence", coincidence is used when either the person does not have an answer and or is incapable of coming up with an answer due to the information needed to come up with an educated truth. Science has taught us this.

Sometimes in 2005-2006 I was working out at the gym with a friend and I hurt the left side of my neck - vertebrae/nerve area.  It brought great discomfort for 1 year before my wife forced me to see a doctor. After my visit with a doctor, I went to see a specialist. The specialist took x-rays and an MRI. The conclusion was that I had lost fluid in the cartilage area located between my vertebraes. The only solution was to either take pain killers when it hurt and or try physical therapy. So I attended 10 to 12 therapy sessions with no success of the pain residing. According to the specialist, the ultimate cause of the low fluid in my cartilage ranged anywhere from an accident in my early life to possibly hereditary/genetics. The doctor would not tell me for sure in either case, but did confirm that this discomfort was going to be with me for the rest of my life and that there was no medication that would help regenerate the fluid in my cartilage. It was also during this time that I first started attending a healing school, BBSH. I had already set my intention that I was NOT going to live with this for the rest of my life. I was applying some of the healing techniques that I had learned from school and though it provided temporary relief (better then therapy), it was not making the pain or discomfort completely go away. I was also tackling the neck issue from a different angle..., neck issues are normally caused by distorted thought process of "Rejection of wisdom, Refusal to know or understand, indecision, resentment & blame, and denial of one's spirituality - as per Louise L. Hay, author of Heal Your Body. This neck/throat area in the body is also the place of one of the 7 energy centers called chakras. A distortion in this area is caused by how you perceive yourself self in society and one's profession. All of this held true for me on many different mental and emotional levels - I accepted it, because I knew myself through self observance. So I gave up my 6 figure income a year business and took a year off to spend with my family that I had isolated. Two months after I officially shut down the business (June 2007), I went to India, got into a car accident and my neck was fixed - no other injuries. Since the car accident (7 years later), the discomfort has come twice and each time I dealt with it from a mental and emotional state and the discomfort went away - quickly (1 day). I acknowledged the real cause, not the symptom.

I believe that if this is true for me..., it is absolutely true for you!  I have taken on the challenge to help change the way people feel and think about their illnesses.  Hopefully it will lead to less surgeries and more wholesome living without the use of drugs and medication.  These amazing stories and a different form of living and believing is still no substitute for medical and or other professional advice.  The goal is to be more wholesome with many different points of view to make an educated decision about your body.  Ultimately..., you are the master of your mind, body and soul.

LOVE AND ACCEPT YOURSELF - it will help keep your world together!