Spiritual Coaching Sessions: Include either Face-to-Face, Distant Healing or Skype Sessions. The sessions will include any past, present or future topics that are of concern. Sessions can involve uncomfortable feelings and thoughts about individuals, groups of people and or dis-ease that is prevalent in your life. You will be taught how to be more aware your body, mind and emotional processes that are governing your day to day life. Through this process, you can learn to gain control of internal and external life processes, which will lead to empowerment and realization of the divinity and power within.

Energy Healing Sessions:  

1. Re-balancing & Charging the Body Energy Centers called chakras

2. Re-structuring 1 of 7 Energy Centers (chakra) - 1 per session

3. Re-structuring an Organ (damage caused by tension, medications, surgery, etc.)

4. Removing negative emotions held together by energy

5. Re-connecting and Re-structuring Scars for quicker healing

6. Balance a client's over-used mind

7. Removing past emotional traumas

8. Creating Energetic Space which helps and allows the client space to grow and heal

9. Spiritual Surgery

10. Holding Intention with the client (very powerful technique which involves extreme focus)

Preparation Work

There is significant amount of prep work that goes into each session. I spend 2 hours a day meditating and performing exercises that will energetically, physically and mentally prepare me to give the best healing sessions to my clients.

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Healing Hands & Light

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Basic Understanding

Humans think and feel about their past, present and future..., they are conscious of their existence. They change their feelings and thoughts constantly.  Plants and animals are more consistent in their behavior and less conscious. Humans have a drive to achieve and care for others outside of their own families. We have the ability to lie, not only to others, but ourselves.  For this reason, our energy field is constantly changing.  This energy field can fall out of alignment through life stresses created by internal and external life circumstances.

It is important to understand that every object, whether conscious (humans/animals) or unconscious (rocks, metals, etc.) has an energy field. In humans, we have 7 energy fields called chakras.  In science, they are referred to as bio-fields, electro-magnetic fields, scalar,  vector, gravitational, etc. These fields produce different effects on your physical body. These fields exist even though we cannot see, touch, hear nor smell them.

Another important fact is that EVERY object attracts each other, this includes human beings. This is a scientific universal law. If you are wondering why you keep attracting certain people and or circumstances in your life - this is the basis of where it really starts.  Your thought patterns and feelings have a direct relationship to this attraction.  In order to change your life, either your feelings and thought have to change and or the energy field underneath it has to change. All fields can change by conscious human effort - the basis of this is Intention.